Vix Scents is the culmination of many hours of hard, detail-oriented work. It is a pipe dream of mine finally being realized. After dealing with enough disappointing managers at countless places, I was asked, "Why not just work for yourself?"

And that was the best question anyone ever asked me. I thinking about things I could spend my days doing for money. I have always been a crafty type, so MAKING something just felt right. Sitting, chatting with a friend one day candles were brought up. after that I couldn't get the thought out of my head. Why not candles? Everywhere I buy my candles from (sorry, Yankee) is so insanely expensive that I only buy them when there are crazy sales, and then I have spent hundreds because I feel the need to stock up for a year, because (again, sorry Yankee) there is no way I can pay $22 for a candle on a regular basis. Why not make them and not be so greedy so that everyone can have wonderful smelling homes?

Since then I have poured my heart and soul into every candle sold. The journey has been a learning process, for sure. You don't realize just how hot 180° is until its all over your feet. With every curve in the road comes something new I had never anticipated, and I love it. 

So browse! Buy until your heart is content and don't forget to email and give feedback! If there are scents you wish I made let me know! Maybe you will see them on your next trip to vixscents.com